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Exotic Pet Birds – Should You Get One?


I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine myself in a world without birds and their morning hums. Birds make excellent pets for those who want the company of a living creature but don’t have enough time to take them out for a walk or spend hours trying to teach them.

Contrary to public opinion, birds can become wonderful companions and some species are smart enough to carry a small conversation with their owners. However, not all of them are low-maintenance so, before adopting one, think carefully if you’re fit for the job.


What are the most popular exotic birds and their characteristics?

Each bird has a unique personality, but many of them build a special connection with their owners, as long as they are well taken care of. Some of the most popular bird species that can become pets include canaries, macaws, African Grey Parrots, cockatoos, and budgies.

African Grey Parrots are known for their affectionate and jealous personality. Although quiet enough, they will become aggressive and possessive if someone tries to steal their owner’s attention. If trained properly, parrots can become fantastic talkers and excellent companions for people of all ages, especially those who feel lonely.

Budgies are low-maintenance and don’t require extra care. They can perfectly adjust in small flats and can also learn to talk. They are also extremely affectionate and make wonderful first pets for children and seniors alike.

Similarly, cockatoos also have a strong personality. They are loud and intelligent and create deep bonds with their owners. They will require your undivided attention but, if left free around the house, they might chew on things.

Macaws are quite pretentious and need constant extra care. They are big and strong, so they are only suitable in roomy environments. Avoid them if you have children.


You bought an exotic bird. How do you look after it?

If you’ve already decided to adopt a new bird pet, before bringing it home, you need to learn as many things about its behavior and personality as possible. How big is the bird going to grow? Does it need special care? Do you have enough space to provide a comfortable environment for your pet? Is there any special diet you should consider? Try to answer these questions first to make sure you are ready to welcome your bird.

Keep in mind that they are intelligent creatures and need constant brain stimulation. Provide them with toys and help build their personality. Some species can also become great conversation partners as long as you are patient with them.

You should also consider investing in some large and comfortable cages, high-quality food, and plenty of entertainment methods and toys. Book regular visits to the vet to ensure your pet remains healthy.

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