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How can you help birds in winter time?

Birds are noble creatures that make our lives happier and better through each song and sound they make. Most of them are majestic, displaying vivid colors and making us only wonder how is it to fly.

And while birds have survived (even better) without human interventions in the past, this doesn’t mean we can’t make their staying better and more welcoming, especially during the winter season.

Most birds are migratory, meaning they change territories as seasons come by, in order to not remain without food and water, and freeze to death. However, the birds that choose to stay during the winter do require proper care, so why not try to make their stay better?

So here are the best way to look after birds during the winter season.

Building bird houses

This is the best and easiest way to ensure birds get through the winter season safely.

However, before building birdhouses, you need to take some things into account like the types of materials you are going to use and the size of the houses. Metal and plastic should be avoided from the beginning as they don’t offer much protection against wind and excessive cold. I suggest sticking to regular wood to provide the best shelter against nasty weather conditions and offer a warm environment to sleep and rest.

The size of the house is also important, so choose it carefully depending on the bird species you wish to shelter. Before building, make a quick review of the bird breeds that live nearby in order to know how big the houses should be.

Also, the place where you will be positioning the house is of great importance, as not all birds are the same. For instance, wrens and robins are mainly land birds so they will appreciate houses up to 2 meters above the ground, preferably hidden in vegetation. Sparrows and starlings aim a little higher, so their houses should be around 3 meters above ground.


What to feed?

The greatest concern during winter is that birds won’t find enough food to eat, and they will starve to death. To avoid this, make sure to refill sed holders and bird feeders regularly. If you’re not sure what type of food to feed, it is best to just seek a local pet shop and purchase qualitative and nutritious food for birds.

Peanuts are perfect for birds during the cold season because they contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients to keep birds satiated. Dried and fresh foods like apples and pears are easy to find year-round and will also represent the perfect snacks for birds during winter.

Other types of food that are worldwide accepted by birds are grains, beans, and even uncooked rice, without any added salt or flavors, as well as bread (again, without too much salt or preservatives).

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