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How to get a great bird bath


If you are unfamiliar with bird baths, choosing one can be a difficult task. The Internet can be full of unreliable information, that’s why I have decided to write down the information I’ve discovered along the way. There are many kinds and styles of bird baths to choose from, and every item you buy has to match the kind of bird you own.

Size is the first thing that comes to mind when going for the bath that you are going to use the most. The small ones are easy to handle, but if you have large birds, like parrots, it might be too hard to bath them without stressing the birds. Also, a larger model can accommodate more birds at once, thus saving you a lot of time that you can spend playing with your pets.

Another thing to consider is the design of the product. If it’s boring, you will be less inclined to use it. A beautiful model will make you give baths to your birds more often, meaning you can take even greater care of them. But be careful not to choose looks over craft quality. It has to be sturdy to resist the claws of the birds and repeated use.

Speaking of design, the ideal bath should be created to fit the anatomy of a bird without stressing the bird to the extreme. Some birds love to get frequent baths, but others absolutely hate it. So it is essential that a product is ergonomic, and that it has firm grips for the birds to hold on to. Also, a good model will have more than one depth, to accommodate all types of birds.

Growing up surrounded by birds, I’ve noticed that the height of the product matters too. They’re pets who love to look around and see what’s happening, so if a bath that is too tall, it might make them rebel against you. But it all depends on the personality your bird has, as sometimes they can show unexpected behavior, and go for a different thing from what you had in mind.

And ultimately, one thing you should take into consideration is the cost of such product. Taking care of birds is not easy, so a bath should not be that big of a burden on your budget. But at the same time, you should also choose the one that fits your bird, as it is not something you buy every day.

It is all about finding the equilibrium between what a product offers and how it will fit in your life. Your pet deserves the best product that makes it happy, you should not be satisfied by a small price tag but with a bad model overall.


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