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What do canaries eat?


If you;ve decided to own a pet but don’t want to take full responsibility for taking it out for walks or constant visits to the veterinarian, you may want to start with a smaller-sized animal that’s easier to take care of. Birds could prove a great option as you can keep them in cages or free around the house, as long as you don’t have any windows or doors open.

Canaries are quite easy to look after and they won’t take too much of your space either. They don’t require any special diet and they usually eat everything that other birds eat. But, if you want to make sure you offer them the best nutrition, here are some tips on how to feed your canaries.



Most of the times, your canary will prefer eating all sorts of seeds, including grass seeds. The season dictates the type of seeds you should offer so try sticking to organic and fresh seeds if you want to keep your canary happy. However, bear in mind that canaries are prone to obesity so feeding it too much won’t show increased affection, but more a lack of discipline.

Canaries are naturally in love with millet so you can offer them it simple or combined with other types of seeds. You can go to a regular pet store and purchase seed mixes that also contain millet, but make sure your pet will also eat the other seeds too. Often enough, canaries are quite picky so they’ll only eat the millet which will lead, in the long term, to a lack of nutrients and vitamins.


Fresh fruits and veggies

Although seeds should represent the vast majority of the food you are feeding your canary, a diversified diet will only bring benefits. So try to supply about 20% of your pet’s daily food intake with fresh fruits and vegetables. Apart from providing all nutritious elements such as vitamins and minerals, fresh food is also rich in water which will keep your bird stay hydrated.

Your bird may be very fond of pale vegetables such as ice lettuce, but these won’t be able to provide all necessary nutrients either. Instead, try opting for small apple chunks, cucumbers, peas, cherries, kale, pumpkin, spinach, carrots, cabbage, sweet potato or beets.



Formulated diets

Some canary owners may prefer feeding their pets formulated diets in the shape of pellets. These can be bought from almost all pet shops and veterinary pharmacies and are specifically designed to meet the nutrition requirements of canaries.

If your pet wasn’t used to pellets before, try transitioning as gentle as you can. If you get rid of all your canary’s former food and replace it with pellets, the pet may refuse to it.


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